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Why Good Design Matters - A Home Which Works for You

Pessimists will have you believe that design and architecture is all about trends, having money and showing off. But good design can be so much more than aesthetics. It doesn’t necessarily have to cost a lot of money, it can withstand fads and last the distance. Well-thought-out design can work for you, make your home more livable, more enjoyable to be in, save you time, money and even be better than your health.
Oct 30, 2018

Sofa Colours that Allow Flexible Decorating Options

Buying a new sofa or living room furniture is an investment in your home; but sometimes decorating needs a little bit of inspiration to coordinate all the decorative elements. Don’t let striving for the perfect balance between colours, textures, and accessories be too overwhelming. Choosing a colour for your furniture is not so difficult, but getting everything to work together and leaving yourself some flexibility when it comes to your décor can be. There are some colours that help allow versatility with the investment you’re making. These sofa colour options help ground your space while allowing you the freedom of changing accessories and accent colours when you want to.
Sep 18, 2018


Lounge Out

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