Choosing between buying two sofas, two love seats, a love seat and a sofa or a sofa and two chairs can be a daunting task. You want to provide adequate seating options for your family, friends and guests without cluttering up your living space. Which option is going to be the best for you? Perhaps you’ve narrowed it down to purchasing two sofas or a sofa with two chairs. There can be advantages for either of these options and they both offer a variety of decorating options.

Advantages of a Sofa and Two Chairs

Having a sofa accompanied by two chairs is a classic arrangement for the living room. If you have a lot of company it can be a great option providing seating while allowing for a more spacious arrangement. You can also enjoy your chairs when you want to kick back and relax while watching the big game or enjoying a good book on a lazy afternoon. Chairs always top sofas for these types of leisurely activities. But the sofa is also good to have especially if you or a friend want to crash on it for an afternoon nap. Purchasing recliner and a sofa or love seat is an option which allows for great versatility. Having chairs in the living room allows individuals a little more personal space when they feel they need it. Lounges allow for a friendlier atmosphere where everyone is “just hanging out.”

Advantages of Two Sofas

If you decide to go with the option of two sofas, you can choose two sofas if you have space, a sofa and a loveseat, or a sectional and a love seat; or any other combination your living room has the space to accommodate. A sectional and a love seat or sofa offers plenty of seating options and the L-shaped sectional naturally invites comfortable conversations. If you have a number of parties throughout the year, or you have lots of guests in and out, then having more than one sofa is the perfect solution for seating arrangements. They also give space for you to stretch out and nap occasionally.

What about other arrangements?

There is no “rule of thumb” for the pieces of furniture you choose to put in your living room. You may want to try something totally unique and go with say, four chairs. This option, has a tendency to spread everyone out and make the room feel more formal. But if you have a formal seating area in addition to a living room it might be the perfect solution. You can provide a formal setting when needed, while also having a social area where everyone can fell cozier.


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