Creating just the right atmosphere in the living room is important no matter what its primary function is. From your living room furniture to the accessories and lighting incorporated into the design, you can pull them together so that they all work together to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for your family and guests. Arranging your recliners, television and other furnishings along with other features is key to establishing an inviting area for guests or creating a quiet place for you and your family to relax. Here are a few ways to accessorize to help create the room you desire.

Using Lights to Create Atmosphere

There are several ways to effectively use lighting to accent your living area. Natural light automatically has a relaxing effect in a room, but you can also use lamps of varying designs to lighten the room. There’s something about having plenty of light sources that opens up a room to make it more welcoming for guests. If your living room has an adequate number of windows, you can combine the natural light with additional lighting for a perfect balance that both opens up the room and helps occupants relax.

Using Light, Neutral Colours

No matter what colour of sofa and furniture you prefer, you can still use warm and cool hues to produce a relaxing atmosphere. This works well no matter what shade of living room sofa you choose. Lighter shades like off-whites or creams are popular for wall colours; and accessories such as pillows, curtains or throws can be used to lighten the mood and the room as well.

Using Plants and Prints

Arrange your living room furnishings in a way which is functional and then add accessories like printed patterns on pillows, window shades or rugs to add a sense of comfort. Fresh flowers or greenery provided by house plants can help create a relaxing atmosphere. Art work inspired by nature can bring an air of relaxation as well. These types of accessories can provide visual interest, patterns, and texture to your living room design while encouraging a welcoming atmosphere.

Using Simple Elegance

Make your living room as clutter-free as possible. If you can, use furnishings and accessories with slim legs and simple lines to make the room feel more spacious and less cramped. Purchase a sofa, loveseat or recliners that fit comfortably in the room to avoid making the room feel stuffed and tense. The idea is to provide additional seating while retaining a simplistic but elegant feel. Your living space should be airy and light so visiting parties have the sense they are invited to sit and visit awhile. 

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