Buying a new sofa or living room furniture is an investment in your home; but sometimes decorating needs a little bit of inspiration to coordinate all the decorative elements. Don’t let striving for the perfect balance between colours, textures, and accessories be too overwhelming. Choosing a colour for your furniture is not so difficult, but getting everything to work together and leaving yourself some flexibility when it comes to your décor can be. There are some colours that help allow versatility with the investment you’re making. These sofa colour options help ground your space while allowing you the freedom of changing accessories and accent colours when you want to.

White and Cream

White sofas are timeless classics and you can use virtually any colour for accessories. If you choose a white sofa, make sure it’s stain resistant and made of a fabric than can be cleaned easily. Cream or off-white sectionals or love seats can provide a room with some texture which adds to the visual appeal of the room. Paired with black accessories can provide an air of elegance and style.

Tan, Stone, Camel or Brown

These are warm neutral colours that work well with a variety of colour schemes; but furnishings in this colour category can look great with fall colours, black or shades of blue. Browns haven’t been as popular since grays started taking over, but brown can be very complementary and remains neutral. These shades go great with a variety of design colours.

Shades of Gray

Lighter gray living room furniture looks great with a chalky wall backdrop or with warm wood tones. Stone can hide dirt well as well as work well with colourful walls as backdrops. Darker gray, or true gray, pairs well with black and white décor, or the various jewel tones. Gray can have lots of personalities and make a strong statement when it comes to interior design.

Muted Colours

If you can choose furnishings that are soft and muted neutral shades, you can provide just enough color to your living room without it being overwhelming. Muted shades provide a neutral that has just enough color to complement your décor. A sofa might be slightly green or yellow. A neutralized version of either of these can allow you to accessorize according to your tastes and allow for some tasteful color in the scheme.

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