A chaise can be essential in today’s modern living room, but it can also be a stand-alone piece used in virtually any room of the house. There can be many reasons behind making the purchase of a chaise, whether you purchased it as part of a matching living room set, or not. It is actually quite easy to make a design statement with your chaise.

Finding the Right Location

The catch to making the chaise work in your home is finding the perfect location for it to be situated. A couple of unique ideas for positioning your chaise includes using it as a window seat or making use of it in a bedroom. If you have a nice sized window, placing it nearby can add style and a feeling of comfort in any room of the house. Putting it in a bedroom can prove to be very convenient and comfortable as it can be placed at any space throughout the room like at the foot of the bed or near the window. A chaise can also be strategically situated in a corner to make a nice sitting area or reading nook.

Considering Other Elements

Use your chaise lounge to create an environment that is peaceful. Just place it in an area that has very good lighting, natural light is best; or decorate it using throw pillows and keep a blanket nearby. The chaise provides a stylish way for you, your kids and your loved ones to lounge and relax.

Choosing the Chaise

The chaise is a versatile piece of furniture and no matter where you decide to put it, there are a few other things that need to be considered. For instance, think about the type of material used for the covering as this can influence the atmosphere of the room. You will also want to think about the size and shape of the chaise. It may be easier to fit it in some areas and not so easy for it to be situated in others. Take time to consider the floor plan and see if it will work for you to purchase a matching sofa to complete the set. If you have the room, a chaise and a sofa can be a real asset. If space is limited, you may opt for a chaise and a recliner, or a chaise and a loveseat.

Using the Chaise

Think about how much traffic the area is going to see and just who is probably going to be getting the most use out of it. If you are placing it in an entertainment room and it will be used mostly for watching TV, you may want to get the adjoining love seat for additional comfortable seating options. The chaise will need to be positioned perpendicular to the television set so it’s easy to see without straining your neck.

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