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Devanti 4.1kW Window Air Conditioner

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Cool Things Down With Portable Air Conditioners

As soon as the warm weather hits, we have a range of quality coolers available to make sure you’ll be comfortable through the Australian summer months. There’ll be no more sweating through the heat – which is particularly important when you have no other alternatives to bring the heat down in your home.

Get a fabulous deal when you buy online at Lounge Out with our variety of cooling devices. As an independent retailer, we stock a range of different choices, which include evaporative coolers, dehumidifiers, air purifiers and various window-mounted options.

Keep the Temperature Down with Cheap Air Conditioners

You can rest assured that you won't compromise on quality when purchasing one of our affordable appliances. Each is high performing and ideal for any place in your home or office.

Our moveable or window-mounted cheap air conditioners are perfect for people who don't own their own home and want the flexibility to take this with them to each new house. It also means you can move it room to room to suit where you are working.

What is suitable for your residence or workplace will depend on your needs. For example, our purifiers are great if you are worried about the atmosphere quality in your office. As a bonus, it sits neatly on your desk. The window selection is for those that want to feel a little colder on intense summer days. Finally, our portable options are perfect for those who want the flexibility to use it in different areas of the house.

Benefits of a Cooling System

There are some great benefits from buying a system that keeps your body temperature down during the year's warmer months. These include:

  • Energy efficient
  • Quieter and more effective than a fan
  • Lowers the temperature in a room quickly
  • Filters easily cleaned and maintained
  • Control panel or remote for an easy change of settings
  • Can be moved easily without fuss
  • No mounting requirements for portable options
  • Available in a range of sizes

Excellent customer service and satisfaction are essential to our team. When you buy from us, you’ll enjoy the convenience of interest-free payments and free domestic delivery. We pride ourselves on not only making the purchase easy for you, but also offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. Hot sticky nights will be a thing of the past when you make your purchase with our online store at Lounge Out.