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Kahuna Classic 16ft Trampoline

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Kahuna Classic 14ft Trampoline

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Kahuna Classic 10ft Trampoline

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Kahuna Rainbow 16ft Trampoline

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Kahuna Rainbow 12ft Trampoline

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Kahuna Rainbow 10ft Trampoline

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Kahuna Rainbow 8ft Trampoline

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Modern kids trampolines offer superior safety features and plenty of fun for the little ones

Jumping on the new family trampoline is a part of any child's upbringing. And these fun spring-loaded mats have come a long way since we were children. They offer many more safety features including mats and padding over the springs, netting to prevent falls and much more. 

But they still offer all of the same fun which offers plenty of benefits for children. It increases their energy levels, encourages heart health and a strong immune system, is great for developing coordination and motor skills and the happiness and joy they bring means every home should have their own trampoline. 

Jumping on a sports trampoline is also a great way to promote healthy bone growth, creating strong bones which can also help to prevent diseases like osteoporosis.


We sell a range of new kids trampolines online

Lounge Out offers sports, fitness and family trampolines of all sizes online. Our collection starts with the Mini Rebounder for toddlers, which include a handrail for them to grip as they learn how to bounce. Or you can go all the way up to the deluxe-sized 16-foot options that will accommodate several children so they can invite their friends around as well. 

All of Lounge Out's designs include the safety features required for safe bouncing and they are easy to assemble as well. Plus we also have a range of optional extras including roof shades and even basketball backboards to make the experience even more fun for your children. 

There are options available for all budgets, all family sizes and each trampoline is easily accessible for children of all ages so you can be assured they will be safe, will have plenty of fun and will want to spend more time outdoors and getting the fresh air that young children need.