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Enjoy the great outdoors in style with our range of stylish picnic baskets online 

There is nothing quite like spending time outdoors - especially when there is food involved. Heading into nature with a new picnic basket is relaxing and good for the soul. 

You get to reconnect with nature, enjoy the fresh air and be active by going on walks and hikes to find new destinations. It is also a terrific bonding experience for couples, families and friends with no distractions - which there are plenty of in the modern world. 

It is a great way to relax and unwind, improve your mood, relieve stress and enjoy healthy, home-prepared food in a natural environment with people you care about.


Enjoy your favourite bites with our new picnic baskets for sale 

So if you are thinking of heading out for a picnic, whether it is in a local park or a faraway destination, it is important to have the right basket to pack your food in. Lounge Out has the perfect range which brings back all of the charms of the traditional picnic. 

We have a large range of traditional wicker options with plenty of straps and compartments to safely stow your cutlery, utensils, condiments and more while you travel. There are options available for couples or large groups, depending on who you are planning on heading into nature with. 

The leather straps and wicker exteriors are lightweight but extremely tough, while the interior of our baskets includes soft cotton linings. And for larger groups, we also have the six-person Alfresco trolley which has plenty of room so that no one will go hungry and a handle for easy transportation. 

Time to put away the devices and jump into the car so you can reconnect with nature, you will be glad you decided to take a picnic and will likely be inspired to go on many more.